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Trips to Morocco is family owned and locally operated with generations of experience showcasing the wonder and beauty of Morocco on guided custom and daily tours. Our tours are top-rated and we are passionate about giving you an authentic and unforgettable experience of Morocco.

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Trips to Morocco is a family-owned and operated company offering clients the opportunity to experience our home – Morocco.

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Natalie Muehlke
Natalie Muehlke
March 19, 2023
Amazing experience. Absolutely beautiful country. With wonderful and accommodating guides, we were able to navigate and experience Morocco with ease! Historical sites, cities, camel rides, camping in the desert, you name it, they can help make it a reality. Thank you guys!
Valentino Gabriele
Valentino Gabriele
June 13, 2022
We simply wanted to express our gratitude for a fantastic desert adventure. He went above and above what we had hoped for. The tent staff was kind and helpful. Thank you for your patience in processing our payment. Thanks to your firm and service, we had an amazing vacation in Morocco.
Helicat One
Helicat One
June 6, 2017
TripstoMorocco is a wonderful family run tour company who will ensure you have the best experience exploring amazing Morocco! I will use them again, and highly recommend them.
Ruth Drapkin
Ruth Drapkin
June 4, 2017
Beautiful place, incredible history. Don't miss the experience go with Trips to Morocco they were beyond great.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Morocco

Of course, Morocco is proud of its cultural heritage which is full of customs and traditions. They are used to walking, so it is crucial to respect their lifestyle. The knowledge of social norms will make your visit to the new place fun and pleasant.

Try wearing versatile and comfortable clothes that you will be wearing during your trip to Morocco. They need no acclimatization to local weather and traditions. Be lightweight, breathable fabrics and longsleeved shirts. It provides protection against the sun’s harmful rays while keeping you cool at the same time. Add some middle of the road bottoms, as well. Mind your shoes and sun protection. They will surely be together with you on the traveling.

The Moroccan cuisine is a product of the various cultural designs in Arabic and African cultures. Go for a typical meal and try out couscous, tagines, Moroccan breads, and the popular street bite. Street foods like harira and kefta make up among the best options to appeal to the culinary palate.

Darija, or Moroccan Arabic, is the main spoken language in Morocco.

In Morocco, one can pick the most convenient means of transportation among a variety of options. I intend to fly domestically in addition to travel using taxis and trains. These brands also offer options of buses, car rentals, and even motorcycles. Bearing them in mind, the sight of mules and camels passing by should not come as a surprise to you.

Morocco’s scenery varies greatly. It is only one place where you can visit, from bustling city to peaceful desert. To view the whole of place, choose the transportation that best serves your task’s needs. Furthermore, you will get to experience the local cultures with this option.

A guided tour of Morocco may range greatly in cost. For budget group tours, it can be $50-$100 per person per day. Meanwhile, luxury tours might go over $300. Prices depend on the tour’s length, group size, and the level of comfort.

The US tourists in Morocco are mostly safe and even women and Americans who go alone may not go through anything. However, we need to pay great attentionThe degree of safety can vary depending on the certain factors. 1. Such things contain political stability, crime, and les chance of terrorism.

Some of the top tourist attractions in Morocco are the ancient medinas of Marrakech, Fes, and Chefchaouen, the Sahara Desert, the Atlas Mountains, the coastal town of Essaouira, the dazzling architecture of Casablanca, the Roman ruins of Volubilis, and the cultural gems of Rabat.

For U.S. citizens visiting Morocco, needing a visa depends on the visit’s purpose and duration. Generally, a visa is needed. Though, there are some exceptions for short stays.

Trips to Morocco are most successful, if you consider what you like. The climate and it’s the crowd’s activities vary according to the period. As a starting point give thoughts to you what your preference between planing your visit.

Duration of stay means a lot. It may be about a week or so, but isn’t it relaxing to have spare time with you?It is this North African nation is full of places to go and things to be done. The variety of things you can explore and experience depend on the time you plan to spend.

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